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I’m surprisingly super excited for spring semester to start on Monday. I’m ready to get back into routine instead of spending money I don’t have, watching countless hours of Netflix, and laying in bed all day.

I’m ready for the struggle of waking up in the morning, dragging to Starbucks on the days I actually wake up on time and going to Dunkin Donuts on the days I’m running late. I’m ready to live in the library again and complain about the unnecessary work that the teachers assign.
It sounds crazy to say I’m excited for all the negative things that go along with school but like every thing else in the world, this break as taught me a lot. I’m glad I took advantage of this Winter Break to focus on myself. I feel like I have a new head on my shoulders and a different outlook on a lot of things. I just hope I can keep it this way.

I’m even more ecstatic for Sunday, January 12!! Charleston Southern University is holding a meeting for all girls interested to start the Alpha Delta Pi sorority !! It’s just an informational meeting and I hope there are enough girls interested and qualified for us to be able to start and become founders of ADPi at CSU!!! I’m too excited to be a part of this amazing sisterhood, and meet some amazing girls. I already know a few girls that are interested that I have become close with this past semester and I can’t even put into words the happiness the thought of all this brings me. Especially because of the school I attend… being surrounded by people who constantly push you forward and help you seek God in the most amazing ways is breath taking.

The more and more I think about everything the more excited I become. And I get to see my amazing choir !!! I love my ensemble to death and I can’t wait to see the new girls that are joining this semester. We work so hard and the girls are all unique and beautiful in their own way.
This year will be great I just know it….fingers crossed