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I think I changed my mind on copying and pasting everything from my tumblr over. Why look back on all of that? Let’s start new.
I want to take a moment and say I really do have some amazing friends. I could not be more grateful. I may not have 100 close friends, but I have enough to keep me going. They are my backbone and I would not be where I am today with out them.
Friendship is power.
Friendship is love.
Friendship is forever.
I use to be the girl in high school who was friends with everyone. My phone would always blow up with texts. I would always have comments waiting for me on myspace. Ha yeah I said MySpace. But I have grown up a lot since then.
Quality is better than Quantity.
I can proudly say I have 5 non blood related friends I can fully trust with my heart, body and mind.
They are my life.
The best people in my world.
I would do anything for these amazing individuals. Each completely different than the other. And they know that.
That’s friendship.
No matter where you are in life. If you ever have to question your friendships. Take a step back. Friendships are the key to your heart.
Not the perfect job.
Not the perfect boyfriend or girlfriend.
Not the perfect husband or wife.